How to Mine Myriad (Groestl) on a Pool

Myriad is a unique coin because it has five separate algorithms (Scrypt, SHA256D, Qubit, Skein and Groestl) that act independently but have equal chances of finding a block. No single algorithm can take control of the coin.

These are instructions to GPU mine the Groestl algorithm of Myriad on most pools and have the coins deposited to a client/wallet on your computer.

CLIENT INSTALL – There is only one trustworthy source for the client/wallet – the main website.

1. Download the client from the Myriad website.
2. Extract all files from the ZIP file to a folder. Run the Myriadcoin client.
3. The client needs to synchronize with the network. Leave it open and continue to the next section.

JOIN A POOL – There is currently one Groestl pool. Most pools are based on the MPOS software so the signup and setup are very similar. The current list of pools can be found on the Bitcointalk thread.

1. Go to the pool’s front page and click on the “Sign Up” link on the left menu.
2. Enter the information to create your account. Some pools require email confirmation while others do not.
3. Login to the pool.
4. Click on the “Edit Account” link on the left menu.
5. Go to the client you installed earlier and click on the Receive tab. Right click on the address and click Copy Address.
6. Paste that into “PAYMENT ADDRESS” in your pool.
7. Enter an “Automatic Payment Threshold.” Once you mine this many coins, they will automatically be sent.
8. Enter the PIN you chose when creating the account and click “Update Account” button.
9. Click on the “Workers” link on the left menu.
10. You must create a worker for each mining program you use, even if they are on the same computer. I mine using CPU and GPU on one computer and that requires two workers. The worker password can be anything. You don’t need a secure password for the worker.

MINER INSTALL – SPH-sgminer is the only GPU miner that supports Groestl.

1. Download the miner and extract all the files to a folder. The name and location of the folder doesn’t matter.
2. Make a batch file and put his in:

sgminer -k myriadcoin-groestl -o stratum+tcp:// -u >Weblogin.Worker -p WorkerPass

3. Change Weblogin.Worker to the worker info you created in the pool. Same for WorkerPass.
4. Double-click on the batch file to start mining.