Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Why would someone mine an AltCoin with a CPU?
A – The average person can use any PC to mine coins without needing to invest in high end video cards / rigs to get them.

Q – Can I mine CPU coins and GPU coins at the same time?
A – YES. Just leave one core out of the CPU only mining configuration.

Q – Are there any disadvantages to CPU coins?
A – Since every computer has a CPU, any computer can potentially mine them. System administrators can throw their idle resources at it. Botnets can be setup to CPU mine.

Q – What makes a coin only mineable with a CPU?
A – A coin may remain CPU only mineable for a long time however, once the their market caps grow sufficiently it would justify the development costs of GPU software miner development or FPGA/ASIC design.

Q – You are missing a coin, how do I get it on the list?
A – Fill out the template below and send to me using the Contact Form.

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