How to CPU Mine X11 Algorithm Coins

While GPU mining is usually the death of CPU mining, the X11 algorithm does not give the GPUs a large advantage over CPUs.

These are instructions to CPU mine X11 algorithm coins on a pool with Windows 64-bit and have the coins deposited to the client/wallet on your computer. These instructions will work on all X11 coins, you just need to get the wallet for your coin.

CLIENT INSTALL – The best source for the client/wallet is usually from the coin’s announcement thread on Bitcointalk. If the coin is listed on the site already, the thread is listed on that coin’s page.

1. Download the Windows Wallet client from the website.
2. Run the client.
3. The client needs to synchronize with the network. Leave it open and continue to the next section.

JOIN A POOL – There are a lot of pools. Most pools are based on the MPOS software so the signup and setup are very similar. The current list of pools can usually be found in the coin’s announcement thread.

1. Go to the pool’s front page and click on the “Sign Up” link on the left menu.
2. Enter the information to create your account. Some pools require email confirmation while others do not.
3. Login to the pool and click on the “Workers” link on the left menu.
4. You must create a worker for each mining program you use, even if they are on the same computer. I mine using CPU and GPU on one computer and that requires two workers. The worker password can be anything. You don’t need a secure password for the worker.

MINER INSTALL – There are several versions of CPU miners for X11. There are currently two versions of the CPU miner. If your CPU supports the AVX/AES instruction sets, use the 1.3 version. If not, use the 1.2c version. The miners can be downloaded from my MEGA folder.

1. Download the miner and extract all the files to a folder. The name and location of the folder doesn’t matter.
2. If you downloaded v1.3, check the README file to help you figure out which miner you should use for your processors..
3. Right-click in blank area of the folder. In the menu that appears, hover the mouse over New and a second menu will appear. Select Text Document.
4. A new file named ‘document.txt’ will be created.
5. Double-click on the file. You should have Notepad open with a blank document.
6. Paste this into notepad:

minerd-NAME.exe -a X11 -o stratum+tcp://POOL-ADDRESS:PORT -u Weblogin.Worker -p WorkerPass

7. Change minerd-NAME to the correct miner version for your processor.
8. On your pool’s website, click on the “Getting Started” link. You need server info from section 3. Replace POOL-ADDRESS with their info. Replace PORT info also (usually 4 digits)
9. Change Weblogin.Worker to the worker info you created in the pool. Same for WorkerPass.
10. In Notepad click on File and then Save As.
11. Enter “minerd.bat” as the File name (include the quotes). Change Save as type to All Files. Click Save.
12. Double-click on the minerd.bat file to start mining.

SETUP PAYOUTS – This is VERY important. You need to setup automatic payouts so the pool automatically sends your mined coins to your wallet. The pool is not an online wallet and can be hacked at any time.

1. Go to the client you installed earlier and click on the Receive tab. Right click on the address and click Copy Address.
2. Go to the Pool website and click on “Edit Account.”
3. Paste the address in the “Payment Address” field. Set the “Automatic Payout Threshold” to the lowest number if you are only CPU mining.
4. Enter the PIN you chose during signup in the field “4 Digit PIN” and then click on Update Account.

Assuming all went well, you should be CPU mining now. If there is a mistake with the directions, you can let me know via the Contact Form. If you need help with your setup, please ask in the coin’s announcement thread.