How To CPU Mine Monero On A Pool

These are instructions to CPU mine Monero on a pool with Windows and have the shares deposited to the client/wallet on your computer.

You can use the CPU miner on either 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems.

FIND A POOL – The developer zone117x has created a pool software and an easy miner for CryptoNote based coins. There are several pools for Monero and the list keeps getting longer. The list of pools is in the Monero announcement thread. The mining software only works on pools using the matching software.  Make sure your pool says it is “powered by the open source node-cryptonote-pool project” which should be shown at the bottom.

DOWNLOADS – Zone117x has put everything needed in a ZIP file for an easy start. Currently the files can be downloaded from xone117x’s release page.

1. Download the ZIP file from the release page.
2. Extract everything to a folder.3. Go into that folder and double-click on CryptoNoteMiner.
4. If it is the first time you are using the program it will tell you “Generating new wallet with the password: x.”
5. Click OK and you will go to the main window. Enter the information for the pool you chose.
6. Next, you want to tell the miner how many cores of your processor to use. In the beginning, use them all. If you don’t know how many cores your processor has, check your Task Manager, you can look under the performance tab and count the number of cores.
7. Now, just click on the “Start Mining” button and you will begin.

If there is a mistake with the directions, you can let me know via the Contact Form. If you need help with your setup, please ask in the Monero thread.